Injury Prevention Tips

injury-preventionDo you listen to your stomach when it makes those growling noises? Warning you that its hungry and needs food? How about when you get goose bumps when you are cold. You probably adhere to the signs and take action by having something to eat or putting on a coat. So why would you ignore your body when it is telling you that it hurts or it is tired and needs a break?

As you get older you learn to listen to your body and you are able to discern between fatigue and possible injury. Fatigue is actually the good pain and is acceptable to feel it during your workout. Pain, which can lead to injuries is not what you want. On most occasions, injury is caused by performing an exercise incorrectly. This could be incorrect technique, too heavy weights, overtraining and not warming up correctly. By not recognising your own initiations, this could lead to injury.

You can prevent most injuries by listening to your body and watching for your body’s signs. You have heard the old phrase “No pain, no gain”, so how far do you take it before the pain causes injury? Even if you are doing everything right it is possible to over train. What this means is that you are pushing your body past its limitations and its capacity to repair itself. If you are over training, your body’s repair mechanisms are overloaded and you’re heading for injury.

Here are some injury prevention precautions:

Feeling burned out

Going through uncharacteristic depression

Another way to see if you are over training is to check your resting heart rate. If you find an increase in your resting heart rate it is time to back off your exercises. The higher your heart rate the less fit you are and he lower your heart rate the more fit you’ll be. If you are in any doubt at all then please visit your local practitioner.